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After I came to Vietnam I figured I can’t post, so now I will try to make up for it and say as much as I can in the following articles.Vietnam was my trip to get out from my every day routine, my comfort zone and to get everything sorted...
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I think I can call my granny now to make her finally satisfied with the amount of animal protein I am consuming. Meaning number of beatles floating in my vegetarian meals.Even putting this funny fact aside, it is not that easy to eat vegetarian in Viet Nam. It was quite...
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Hi people,On Friday I lended in Viet Nam and already had the chance to see some treasures here. I will keep you updated throughout my journey.Firstly, I made sure I love my favorite dumplings and I will rather stay with the Czech desserts. Next to the dumplings you can see...
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It is set. I am moving to NYC on the 1st of July. One way ticket is bought and now I just have to pack my life.Anyway, as much as this is exciting, there are a few more destinations I am gonna show up in during the next month. Mind cleansing,...
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All of you that studied uni (and in particular those who studied in Czech) know how freaking crazy the last months of studies are - classic finals, diploma thesis, state finals. So this happened. At least one thing done. Those plans about having an amazing research on something innovative and creating...
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A little bit of kitsch for today. The financial ditrict in sunset light.
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I am spending these days in the States in our new amazing NYC nest. I am moving here in a few months, so I need to do some paperwork. I am doing my homeworks and writing thesis during the weekdays, but most importandly I get to furnish our new apartment...
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Our brains are very complicated things. They are containing of what we were born with and what we collected throughout our life paths. From those life paths, mostly it is behavior of our family imprinted on us, because the best memory we had in the first 5 years of our...
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I don't know how about you, but often I get into situation when it seems like I have too much stuff to do in one day. I left the studying until the last day, I forgot about something and at the same time something unexpected occured. Shoot. What to do...
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We live in a shell. We can define it as our brain, our body or our social circle, but it is a shell. It is such a pity that we have such limited sight, because the world contains nets and relationships of amazing and terrifying information which would make us...
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